Air Conditioner Maintenance – 4 Tips for you to Follow

There is nothing more comforting than making yourself comfortable in an air-conditioned room on a hot summer day but what if the air conditioner gives way and doesn’t help out with the right level of comfort? It is either because the appliance has stopped functioning normally due prolonged usage or there is a technical defect in the parts. An air conditioner is an asset that continues to serve people with fresh and conditioned air while maintaining moderate temperatures only if maintained and serviced from time to time.

There are dedicated professionals for domestic air conditioning installations in Gold Coast who excel in helping out with air conditioner maintenance. The appliances vary in size and type and depending on the area it serves; the size is opted for. Even though you would get to avail the service of the professionals at hand whenever you need them, you too can play an active part in contributing to its maintenance on a daily basis. Here are a few tips that could take you through.


  • Keep a check on the filters – The filters in an air conditioner is what absorbs the dust and dirt in the air, allows the machine to purify the air and accordingly condition the air in the room. The filters tend to get dirty quickly especially during the summer months where it functions for prolonged hours and is expected to be efficient. Cleaning the filters, removing the clogged dirt and refixing them can not just give you clean air to breathe but also saves up on power consumption by 15%.
  • Clean the coils on time – The outdoor condenser coil and the evaporator coil is known to garner dirt on its surface with frequent usage. This prevents the appliance to absorb the heat and convert it into cool air which often results in the discharge of warm air from the air conditioner. These coils do not require frequent attention but to be on the safer side, cleaning it before the onset of the summer months or after it ends can allow you to witness better efficiency.
  • Keep the outdoor unit free from clutter – For several premises, the outdoor units are affixed to the ground, and for the rest, it is fixed on the outdoor wall especially when there is a dearth of space. For those attached to the ground, you are to ensure that it is clear from clutter, vegetation or overgrowth around the unit. Such obstructions can aid to the abnormal discharge of warm air thus applying pressure on the indoor unit while consuming more electricity than normal.


  • Pack it well when not in use – Professionals imparting industrial electrical services agree to the fact that during the winter months, you wouldn’t find the need for air conditioners and simply leaving it unattended can allow dust and moisture to gather. You could consider packing them after you ensure that there is no moisture present in the air ducts. You could consider switching on the appliance in the fan mode while ensuring that they appliance is dry inside out and them packing it off until it would be put to use again, This aids in a better longevity along with keeping it clean and ready to use whenever required.